Passive income online with your laptop, How TO!

passive incomeHi, My name is Ratanak [ You can call me Pov], the founder of this (SPO). If you want to start an online business of your own passion, involving a blog with a smarter way to make passive income from the internet but don’t know where to start, this page is for you. What I am sharing you and why I share these ideas with you, it does not mean that I am selling you any things. My belief in helping you learn is simple: Share What I Have Experienced And What I Think It Is Useful For You. Also, I hope to learn from you back too. Of course, making passive income online is possible. Find your The-One-Thing you like the most and blog about it!

Here are my step-by-step ways of passive income with this SPO – I Just do it about 2 hours a day.

1. The blog name

I decided to use this blog name ( because I wanted to share of what I have experienced in doing my own biz. Also, if you are difficult in selecting your blog name, you can consider one based on your specialization or what you like to do the most in your life. And then you can check its availability with If it is not, you may need to find another acceptable one.

Here is a post to show you how you can brainstorm your ideas and come up with a good blog name.

2. A blog hosting plan

Before I decided to choose my current hosting, I was persuaded to use many hosting services even Hostgator, Brainhost and others. Some are little good but some were so bad. Now my current hosting service is with Insty company because I think this company provides its hosting cloud with Amazon company and also its superb emailing subscribing service that I could save much amount of money if I signup this service with other company. I don’t recommend you to choose the same one as me but this one is what I feel good about it, although it is a little expensive but the service is reliable and fast-support.

Here is a post that I show you how to live up your blog with WordPress platform and why I chose Insty company for my blog.

3. A blog theme and plugins

A theme for your blog is like your home style. You probably like the simple style or the sexy or modern one that looks so much attractive. With this blog, I chose the theme from the Inkthemes company because it is affordable and I can receive a life-time update along with the fast support, especially the theme is seamlessly responsive to any devices.

After you installed your lovely theme, you need to install some useful and functional plugins for your blog, and you can use them for Free. Here are the plugins that I used for my own blog.

a. Akismet Anti-Spam: Your site is fully configured and being protected, even while you sleep.

b. Wordfence Security: Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware Scan.

c. WP-Optimize: With it, you can clean up your database easily and safely, without manual queries.

d. WP Smush: Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO.

e. W3 Total Cache:  Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site

4. The blog content

It needs your hard-work to blog daily, weekly or monthly. It depends on your schedule. The content of your blog means so much important to tell the world about what you are blogging. It should be much relevant from one to another and must be very useful for your readers. The more interesting and useful your blog contents are, the better interaction from your readers. And you can make passive income from your blog too.

I wrote a post below about how to find interesting topics to blog.

5. Books I read the most

The-One-Thing-in-lifeThe One Thing 

It is really a recommended book to read.

Before I started to read this book, I have focused so many things; that’s why I have so many blog such as,, and this one ( Then Do I succeed in building all of them? Nope. I just wasted of my time with my unfocused hobby.

This book, The One Thing, reminds me of doing just only core thing and focus about it. Then the success will come. Start to build one business with your real passion that you think that it is your dream and focus on it again and again until reaching the goal. Then we can see the success. That’s why now I focus only one thing. It is my agriculture skill with my biz ideas.


Ask-counterintuitive online formulaAsk by Ryan Levesque

The counter-intuitive online formula to discover exactly what your customers want to buy, create a mass of raving fans, and take any business to the next level. For most of successful entrepreneurs, they ask their customers before they startup their business. We can persuade people to buy a product through what their interest or problem is. Then we can introduce the product that can resolve their problem. People will buy it definitely. Then you can make passive profit too. Find out what the people want first, then the business can start right away.


Will it flyWill It Fly? by Pat Flynn

How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money. 

Stop rushing into businesses born from half-baked ideas, misguided theories, and other forms of self-delusion. A lack of proper validation kills more businesses than anything else. In this book, it motivates you whether you should start your business right now or you need to wait for another opportunity. The time will fly away and you’ll get nothing at the end if you don’t start your first step.

As Joel Barker says, “Speed is only useful if you’re running in the right direction.”



The $100 Startup

Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More.

Change your job to change your life

You no longer need to work nine-to-five in a big company to pay the mortgage, send your kids to school and afford that yearly holiday. You can quit the rat race and start up on your own – and you don’t need an MBA or a huge investment to do it.

A lot of business startup ideas to make passive income with less $500 are illustrated. And I believe that this book will give you a clue to start a business that you spend so much less capital and return in much passive profit.


6. How I make passive income with this blog

Please remember that nothing is Free in this world, I think. The bloggers also need passive income to support costs of hosting service, domain and other payments. When we create one blog, we can get paid through selling your blog spaces for advertisers, selling your own products or even through the affiliate with Google Adsense, Amazon, Click Bank, JVzoo and some other platforms. And, my most preferable platform is Click Bank and JVzoo.