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Involve with Social Media

Social media is good for business?

Social media is really good for your business? Social media is considered to an interaction among people, in which they share, exchange, or even create ideas or information in virtual communities, net

Follow the dream

Follow the dream or money, why?

Follow your dream or money? I think everyone has an individual dream for future, and so do I. Since the childhood, I was always said that I should become a lawyer, a journalist, or a TV announcer. I a

Affiliate Marketing Ideas that work

Marketing ideas that make money. I’m applying mostly#3

Marketing ideas that make money! I’m applying mostly#3 In this blog post, I will be sharing affiliate marketing ideas that make you money. These ideas are simple but great and are not overnight

Build Soft and Free Traffics

Build Free, Soft And Silent Traffics For Blog

Your Free, Soft And Silent Traffics! Do you think that having a blog is just enough? Well, you have built your blog and written some posts but what then? No visitors 🙁 All gurus in the internet al

How to Find hot topics to blog

How To Find Interesting Topics To Post

Simple ways to find an interesting topic for your blog Writing a short post for your blog maybe makes you much lazy because I think that some people don’t like writing much although they like speaki

Happy Blogging

Setup a blog and live it up – Start now!

Setup a blog and Live it ! When you read this blog post, I would assume that you have already read the post of Brainstorming a blog name from scratch. But, if you have your blog name in your mind alre

create your blog name

Brainstorming a Blog Name From Scratch

Brainstorming a Blog Name It was an idea if I should blog about “how to make money online” or not because I am from Cambodia and I think that my English is not as good as the English nativ