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  • Jerry2318 Lim

    what is going to fxunited and rjjfx?? IMA is terminated soon and payment delay for more than a year…



      I don’t think that IMA is going to be terminated soon. Also for the payment, I think see the Bitcoin option is fully placed so that you can request via Bitcoin.

      • Jerry2318 Lim

        Dear valued clients,

        A very good day to all of you. Hope that everyone is good health by the grace of God. Today I write to you with a heavy heart as I have some very important news to share with you.

        These past 10 days has been the darkest days for us as a broker. We have been forced to shut down our operations by the authorities. The only trading we can do is on the Standard and Premium accounts.They have actually asked us to do an audit on all company accounts whether related directly or indirectly. Until then we are not allowed to move funds neither in nor out of the company. All deposits and withdrawals have been put on hold.

        The positive side of this is that after much negotiations with the authorities they have given us a time frame to make settlements with our clients since they find that our case is genuine. Besides that we have also received a positive feedback from the LP who has agreed to make settlements in stages to us. We suspect that they had some internal problems that hindered them from handling our issues.

        We know that these developments will pose a problem to all of you and we sincerely apologise for this but it was beyond our control. In fact the funders for the IMA program had to be put on hold as well. We were forced to shut all IMA and WINST activities except for the standard and premium accounts.

        We will definitely return all investments to everybody with priority given to those who havent broke even because if we dont the authorities wont have a choice but to take action against us. We will come up with a payment schedule once the audit is done and will keep all of you updated from time to time. So kindly bear with us for one last time.

        For your information we have been struggling to ensure that everyone gets what is due to them and at the same time having endless negotiations with our LP. Unfortunately at the same time there are certain parties that keep attacking us non-stop instead of trusting us to solve the issues at hand. It has been very frustrating for us actually. Like I have mentioned many times before we are really serious in this business and have been fighting from every angle to ensure we keep our word rather than running away. There is a solution to all of this and we will ensure that we deliver what we have promised.

        Thanking you in anticipation and apologies from the bottom of our hearts.


        • RATANAK

          Have you ever contacted to the manager about this information?
          And when did you receive that mail?
          I am not sure if it was such terrible. I hope it won’t happen.

          • Jerry2318 Lim

            Big possibility fxunited is a scam as what happen now since the payment has been delayed for more than 1 year..

          • RATANAK

            Thank you and now I am moving to Orbex, which is more reliable.


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