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How To Find Interesting Topics To Post


Simple ways to find an interesting topic for your blog

How to Find interesting topicsWriting a short post for your blog maybe makes you much lazy because I think that some people don’t like writing much although they like speaking. However, it is simple to write a short post for your blog within 500 words or more. Maybe you will always ask what you should write or what topics you should keep in mind continuing your writing.  Most of the time, I always ask myself too what today I will write for my blog while I have determined that I must post daily. The main topics for my blog are blogging tutorials, the online entrepreneurs, and blogging mentorships, which they are so useful for the blogging newbie.

Now I will show you how to find the hot topics to blog within each category you set. You may have known already that so many people are searching various topics in the internet. Some people search in the Google while the others join in the forums or others. Then you have to find the relevant questions to your blog concept and find out your own ideas/answers to what they are asking and post about them. Here is what I always do for finding a hot post-topic for my blog.

1. I look into the Yahoo Answer

2. I search in the Google

3. I join in the forum

4. I search the hot product niches

5. I check other blogger’s posts

6. And others more….

It is so easy to find your topics to blog and does not take your time much. You just set your sole minds what you are going to want to do and list down your ideas and search for relevant questions or topics in the internet. Sometimes, the product niches can help you create a post or two.

But what is the best way to make your post ranking fast in the search engine?

Actually, it is not difficult and no secret at all. I would suggest you that don’t believe some gurus promise to help you build your blog ranking fast or blah blah….You can do it too and Google will not alert about the spam activities from your blog too.

1. Topic of your blog must be catchy and unique. Although you probably write a similar post to other previous bloggers in the internet but you have to change the way of writing by your own opinion.

2. Your post content must be unique. Google loves the unique content so much and if you could write by yourself, your post will rank higher fast but if you copy other contents, you must change it through the way of the writing as much as possible.

3. Your keywords must be much relevant to your title and your post concept and just 2-3 keywords are enough

4. You should post with images. Google now allow people to search through image results, so one of your image alt-text must be your blog title if you have many images within your posts.

5. Write a short SEO content for that post. You can download the SEO plugin and write a best description for your content. Or you can buy a theme built in SEO to which it helps you a lot.

6. Create a social sharing button. The more social visitors engage in your blog post, the more ranking you get.

7. And other simple marketing techniques……

Now don’t stop your dream! Take action and you will see the result. You may know the theory of Cause & Effect. Your action is Cause; the result from action is Effect….

I am more than happy to hear your opinion through the comments; Life isn’t just about the trip you take, but who you decide to share it with.

Who else talks about this?

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    • You’re welcome, Brother 🙂
      I think that helping Cambodian people to make money online is so happy. When I see they get rich, I will be more than happy because now Khmer are living under the poverty line…..

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