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Responsive Themes For WP, Sale and Squeeze Pages


A responsive theme for several sale or squeeze pages !

Responsive Experts Theme

The Experts Theme for WordPress is a super responsive and helpful in every situation. It may be simple to use, intuitive, professional, elegant and flexible for all devices. You can create all sale and squeeze pages in minutes! 

I started to find out how to blog online since 2009. At first, I did not know anything about what the blog was. I just created a free account under WordPress and wrote my daily activities. Later on, I was accidentally convinced by an internet marketing guru to create a personal blog to make money online. I followed his guidance but I did not make a penny. I thought that I was cheated. I was so discouraged and pledged myself that I would stop from thinking of making money online. However, in 2012, I started to find out myself what the right way was to be successful in making money from the internet. I was sure that it was blogging. I did not need to buy a money making system or software. What I do need to do is to blog in what I excel. And, I decided to create a blog about agriculture (  because I am studying about agriculture. I don’t expect to make money from it, but I just want to write about how to effectively do agriculture.


However, the blog template seems like annoying my eyes and it is not good looking at all when I checked with my smart-phone or tablet. I thought that if I have a responsive theme for my blog, I don’t need to build another mobile subdomain to low my hosting server down. I started to search and found one brilliant theme called Experts Theme.

Now, I am also using this Experts Theme for this blog. I don’t need to create a mobile version; nor do I spend more money for my hosting. I just use only one template for all devices and it gives me the flexibility from launching products, building sites for local businesses, offering services, running a blog, or even building affiliates sites. I called it a multipurpose theme!

You know, I just created this blog in Feb 01, 2014 and it was ranked so fast because I think the Google loves the responsive blog, so do the readers. You can check my site on Alexa.

Responsive for Best Affiliate

What are the good points that I like the most:

  • It was built for various purposes so that you can create your online blog and make high return in profit easily.
  • It’s so friendly for mobile and other devices so you don’t need to install mobile plugin, suffering your site from loading slowly. And, you don’t need many plugins for your site.
  • The theme is so clean, intuitive and beautifully looking; even the beginner can work with it easily.
  • It was included already with SEO option and the friendly social sharing buttons so that your site can be engaged easily with other visitors.
  • You can change the color of the background or even add the background image of every pages (sale, squeeze, or other pages) easily. You can create whatever page that you love.
  • You can add short-codes for various options/buttons easily with just a click.
  • And other marvelous points; I think you are going to love the Experts Theme much.

What are the disappointed points that I suggest the developer:

  • It was not built with Google Adsense or others. But I think the codes can be manually inserted as you see in this blog. Maybe in the future update this option would be added.
  • Because the developer has high intention for all users to love his theme, he frequently updates it. Then it probably makes you frustrated because of new structures in what you have to test.
  • Maybe there is another disappointed point. You could consider by yourself 🙂

Don’t Worry! You will not lose your money. If you don’t like it, you can ask for refund from the developer with no question asked. But I don’t think that you are going to want to refund because you are going to love it forever 🙂


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