Setup a blog and host it online – Start now!

Setup a blog and host it online!

Blog Setting up online

When you read this blog post, I would assume that you have already read the post of Brainstorming a blog name from scratch. And if you have your blog name in your mind already, you can skip it and start to read this blog to the end. In order to set up the blog, you have to buy the blog name (the one you had in mind) and I recommend you to buy it through because it is so popular and good service. You can just spend about $20 for your domain name (blog name) for just a year. It is simple to do it!

Note: Domain name is just like your house’s name.

Insty Hosting
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After you have your domain name, you can host with itself or you can find other cheap hosting service so that you could save some while your blog does still not have high traffics. As I know, is so friendly used to host your website with cheap cost. The service is the best and when you have your domain name already, you can ask its staff to set hosting for you, or you can just find the hosting server names and set them in your Godaddy’s account. It is so simple to buy a domain and host it. For me, I would rather use Insty Hosting than other hosting services although it looks expensive but it has full feature that we, the internet marketers, need.

Note: Hosting is just like your stall/shop or your place to live up your domain.

Although you have the domain name and the hosting service already, your blog is still not live up online yet because you need a platform to tell the world that you own the blog. So, you can build it with WordPress, Joomla or other platform. For my blog, I built with the WordPress because it is friendly used or maybe I experienced the WordPress only 😉 . After you installed it with WordPress, your blog is online now and the world also knows it too.

Note: Platform is just like the structure of your stall/shop or house to show something you want.

However, even human also wants other people to say he/she is handsome/beautiful, so does your blog. If you can find a friendly theme responsive to all devices, your visitors would appreciate your blog so much and they will come to check it again and again if you can provide them a good information/service. If you think my blog theme is what you like, you can buy it through my affiliate link. There are a lot of premium responsive themes out there but this is my recommendation based on my experience and if you do purchase through my affiliate link, thank you so much for your support. Don’t worry! You still pay the same because the merchants are also happy to pay me while they have more customers.

Note: A blog theme is just like your blog cloth to show how lovely it is to your visitors.

Now you have your own domain, hosting, WordPress platform, and lovely theme. But of course, blogging needs blog post. The more unique posts you can write, the more information you could interact with your visitors; also Google love the unique content. Before this, you’d better to install some plugins for your blog. The following are some plugins important for most of the blogs on the world internet.

1. Akismet (It is best for blocking the spammers to comment in your blog)

2. WP Super Cache / Quick Cache / W3 Total Cache (You can choose one of them to improve your blog performance)

3. Bulletproof Security (It helps to protect your weblog from hacking)

4. Google XML Sitemaps (It helps tell the Google you have posted the new content)

5. Other interesting plugins (It depends on what plugin you love)

Installing plugin is so simple but bear in mind that the more plugin you installed, the slower your site performs. So, it’s better if you could find best theme with just few plugins needed.

Now you have your blog clean and not messy much with the plugins. The last thing you need to do is to post your blog post. It is probably difficult to find hot topics to post into your blog but don’t worry; there is nothing difficult at all and no secret at all in this world. We can learn from each other.

Note: Just spend about 2 hours a day to find what you want to write + write it; Do it everyday and please remember that Google loves the unique contents, i.e. You have to write your own contents.

I hope you can follow through what I described above but if you still feel unfamiliar, I can help you too 😉

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