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The Golden Rules Of Self-Made Millionaire #Must Learn


The effect is from the cause by Brian Tracy!

Golden Rules

Most Self-Made Millionaires follow their golden rules.

“Everyone can be a millionaire. When they know and follow the tracks of the successful people, they will succeed too. It’s a nature rule. One of the interesting points in this video is the cause and effect. When you know what cause you are committing, you will see the effect from that cause. So if you wish to be a self made millionaire, list down your dream/vision and plans and start to take actions and stop doing bla bla bla…. Then you will see your future.”


Why are some people more successful than others?

These are the golden rules that you should follow to be the self-made millionaire.

1. The law of cause and effect

Everything happens for reasons. If you can define the effect that you want, you can trace it back to get your success; i.e. the success leaves tracks.

2. Nothing works the first time

Most people give up before they get the success and they mostly say someday I’ll. Someday, I’ll…do this…do that…arrange my financial plan…bla bla…

3. You have to become someone you have not been before or you have to become a self-made millionaire

All skills are learnable and if you can learn one more skill, you can double or triple your income.

4. Dream big dream

You have to imagine the life is perfect everywhere and you have to imagine what you want to be or what skill do you need. So, list down what you want to be or what do you want to do!

5. Do what you love to do

When you find what you love to do, it gives you energy to keep doing it until you reach your success. Just go back to when you were young and remind what you want to do. Then plan it!

6. Commit to excellence

If you think you are not good at what you doing now, you must commit yourself to be in the top 10% of your field. Don’t just do it bla..bla…; it’s just that you waste your time. So, if you decide to do what you love, sacrifice yourself to that field then you can excel in that field when you get accustomed….”Remember that nobody is better than you or smarter than you”

7. Develop your unique talent and ability

You have to remember that success leaves tracks so look back to your past and find what talent you are and try to develop it or improve it to help you success. You have to ask yourself what you should be good at today or tomorrow or in next 3 months or next year.

8. See yourself as self-employed

Success does not mean that you have to work for other people but in fact you have to work for yourself. When you do it yourself, you have a high responsibility for your future.

9. Develop your clear sense of direction

Decide exactly what you want and try to learn and take actions more and more through your direction.  You can take a piece of paper and write down your goals and decide which one has high impact for your life and you have to work on it every day.

10. Refuse to consider the possibility of failure

Each one of you always fails, so it is not the failure that holds you back but it helps you smarter because the failure is the feedback for you to move more and more. When you try something, you get feedback and you do more or move more. So the successful person is the professional failure. The more failure you are, the smarter you are because you can know it and develop your skill to do better.

11. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning

It’s better to learn new skill because you are not staying in the same place. 1) You have to read in your field at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. 2) Take every course that you want to learn and you think you can do. In the short course can let you gain much time better than going into the school for even 1 year or more. 3) Listen to audio program in your car. Just listen to learning materials while you are driving. The more you invest in yourself, the more ability you have and the more self-esteem you have.

12. Develop the workaholic ability

Every hour you invest to yourself now is for future. When you work, must work. Don’t play!

13. Get around the right people

When you know what you want to be in the future, better try to get around those people who are success in that field too because we can learn from their experiences and we can follow their success tracks.

14. Prepare to climb from peak to peak

Success people try to climb two steps forward and protect themselves from downward because the life is not in the one continuous trend; it always goes up and down.

15. Develop resilience and bounce back

You have to prepare yourself in advance for what you think you will bounce back. Don’t be sad but you have to find the resolution and take actions more. So, look for the solution to your problems.

16. Become an unshakable optimist

Most successful people like to learn more things and try more things because they have more likelihood to succeed.

17. Develop the quality of courage and persistence

You have to courage yourself to begin your work and to do your work and keep doing what you are doing.

18. Build the quality of discipline

The more you like yourself, the more discipline you have and the more self-esteem you have. When you can develop that quality, you will be guaranteed to succeed.

In total if you want to success with the simple idea methods, you have to write down your questions: what can you do to double your income in next 12 months? What new skill you want to excel in the next 12 months? And list down your answers as many as possible.

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  • Most of millionaire people know how to control their future. They follow their success tracks and set their intensive goal. With this talk, I am so much appreciated and wish to follow the tracks of success like other millionaires. Brain Tracy said that if we could improve ourselves with one more skill, we could double or even triple our income. He is my model and I always listen to his talk.
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