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Niche Directory Is Worth to Be in?


Niche Directory Submission

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Since the internet comes into this world, people communicate or buy their favorite stuffs through online. Moreover, the business owners take this opportunity to present their business profile online, especially through social networking sites like FB, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest or others. Business website is also one of the most powerful tools to receive more potential customers. However, if you don’t build the credibility to your business website and you don’t understand somehow about a search engine optimization, your website will not be in the top 10% of the search result. Therefore, link building to your business website is still important.
The proper link building is to connect with the most related niches to your business website. For example, if your business is about the dog training, you should build the back-links from the dog training niches/blogs. This help enhance the visibility of your business website, and it is good for the search engine.

Most people are probably building their back-links through commenting, asking for mutual-links, guest posting, or submitting their articles into the directories. One of the most effective way is the niche directory because you can receive the most related keywords to your website.

Then your business website’s worth into a niche directory?

The niche directory is focused on one specific topic, unlike general directories. It is very valuable to every business webmaster to increase their both inbound links and company perspectives. And here are more reasons to list your website into the niche directories.

1. Much effective and least expensive advertisement

Imagine that you do PPC (pay per click) or other advertising methods. You spend $100 to promote your business and it’s something you need to keep continuously up your advertisement to reach your prospective customers. And, if you run out of money, your advertisement is also down. However, through the niche directory, that same $100 would last you for a whole year and would be driving traffics on autopilot to exactly the customers you are trying to reach.

2. Increase Search Engine Results

Link building is one of the most powerful things you can easily do to drive more potential traffics to your business websites. But be sure you build a one-way link from a reputable high ranking directory in your targeted niche. A quality, one-way link is much better than a mutual link that will help to further establish your business website within search engine results – thus adding further credibility to your site and encouraging higher ranking in a local search result.

3. Enhance your business credibility

Your business profile is placed in a relevant community where people can see and read. And through the well-written profile, good image and information about your business, it helps you stand out from the crowd.

4. Match the competition

Your business will be listed along with your competitors. It is something that your prospective customers could consider whether to choose you or your competitor. All people who come to specific niche-related-directories reach those directories with a definite need. So, they are highly prospective customers. By making your business visible to them along with your competitors, you will be able to increase the chances of sale conversion.

5. Control your linking

You can check to change or edit your business profile at any time in the niche directory, unlike in the printed newsletter. This helps you increase more reliability to your customers.

6. Manual submission

Most highly reputable niche directories will carry out each submission manually, rather than an automated process. Manual submissions to a niche directory will add a great deal of search optimized keywords and phrases, leading to a high clicking rate.

7. Establish your brand

The review section within your business profile will increase your brand. Your customers will say about your business after they already compared with your competitors – thus more engagements reach to you.
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