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I chose this company to host my blog #Insty


Insty [Your Most Cost-Saving Hosting Service]

most affordable webhostingYou come to my page is because you probably wish to find out a good, reliable and fast supportive hosting company. Here is about my story that I switched many hosting companies before I decided to stay with this company forever and probably never change. You may really want to know what company and why I chose it. Then don’t leave this page and keep reading to the end of this article.

Perhaps, you are facing a nightmare like me that leads you to find out what most reliable hosting companies that people out there are using. You are finding new hosting company because u probably want to have a cheaper or more reliable one for your business. Most people recommend you Bluehost, Hostgator, or others, but now I would like to recommend you this company. It is (aff link). I was so much disappointed with my previous hosting company and I lost much money with it before I found this Insty hosting and I’ve been really fond of its service/support so much since then. If you have a similar blog hosting problem, please help share your story in a comment box below.

My worst story…

I started to know this internet world since 2010 through accidentally clicking an ad that most marketing gurus promoted. The message conveyed my mind that I could be rich in just less than a day if I followed his advice. Of course, I tried to find out many things that other people have been mostly doing. And it is true that we with the P3 (persistence, perseverance and passion) can make money online. Then I decided to buy his products (a guideline to make money online and a working sheet). I bought a domain as what he mentioned and he advised me to choose a Brainhost company (this company came along with his up-sell). I thought that after having my website installed, I could make money as what he said, but day 1 was still nothing; day 2 was still nothing, even day 3, 4, 5… An email from the Brainhost came to my inbox and said that I would no longer need to pay monthly for my hosting if I bought a Hosting-for-life plan. I thought it was good, so I bought it again and expected that my blog hosting would be better. Look like a very unstoppable nightmare, the hosting speed was like a turtle that crawls very slowly. Especially, my website got down most of the time.  I got so much disappointed. Then I stopped thinking about making money from the internet.

About 2 years later, A friend of mine told me about his business by connecting with online blog, so I started to figure out and decided to begin my online journey again. I clicked through a blog and my heart was really hooked by Pat Flynn, mentioning about how to build passive income online. He is really my hero. I read his blog posts again and again. Finally, I started to know that making money online is possible. But we need to have an organized plan.

The best selling book by Pat Flynn: Will it fly? (Amazon Affiliate). Some of my business strategies are taken from this book too.

I bought a blog domain again and then I searched many hosting companies so that I could make sure that it is my most reliable one. I plan to build a list like Pat mentioned in his post, but if I choose a Aweber or Mailchimp, I would not be able to afford for its monthly cost. Then I found out this company: (Aff link). You can start your trial for just 1$ with full service.
If you want to run a blog like me and don’t know what blog domain name is good, read my post here: Brainstorming a blog name from scratch.

Here are some reasons I choose this company:

1. Insty Hosting server is from Amazon company

You may have known the Amazon company, which selling products online. The hosting of this company is rarely down. So, you must be sure that your blog is at least 99% up and running. And if the hosting of Amazon gets down for just a few seconds, then how much would Amazon lose?

2. A monthly cost is probably higher than that of other companies, but…

A listing building software is included and free for you to use. Creating a blog without building a list is just like you are throwing away some of your visitors. Some people still enjoy reading their mail, so direct mail would convert better than other social sites, I think. You can build your visitor list as easily and cheaply as possible because this software connects with Amazon SES, and you pay through your transactions only, about 10 cents per 1000 emails (Amazon email plan). Sendy plugin is also a good one that helps you build a list with Amazon SES, but you need to pay its service monthly while with, you can get free software. To say it short is that the monthly payment for Insty hosting is likely higher than others, but if you sum up your hosting cost with your list-building cost, the become cheaper. For example: If you pay monthly your hosting about $5 and your list-building service around $30, you end up with $35 monthly. But with you pay for the hosting around $25 or less as the hosting plan you choose. You can save much yearly, I think.

3. Easily usable app, All-in-one web hosting and autoresponder

Your time is much important. The app helps save you the time that you want to spend with your family or friends. With this app you can login to everything in one place (cpanel, wp admin or email software). If you login one by one, you waste much time to focus on your writing or even on daily activities.

4. Fast and unrivaled support

If you are internet newbie and you need to transfer your blog/website from previous hosting company, the customer support officers will help you very fast for free. I used to ask them about setting up the insty form and they find out the conflict problems for me within 2 hours. This is a support that I have ever met with other companies.

The Only Hosting Company, You’ll Ever Need.
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I am really glad to hear your service you are choosing or your suggestion you need me to improve. Especially, really thank you so much if you decide to host with this company through my affiliate link.

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