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Valentine’s Day with amazing Candy Box Google Doodle


What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. It is celebrated on February, 14 every year in many countries around the world although it is not a holiday in most of them.

How is Cambodian Valentine’s Day?

The liturgical celebration of the Valentine’s Day had been influenced into Cambodia in about the year of 2000. However, the Cambodian teenagers would more likely misunderstand the real meaning of this day. They probably think the day that they two go out or make celebration together and lead to have sex, unacceptable in Cambodia upon the culture norm. The premarital or unmarried couples are not allowed to have sex although it is not seriously applied. The Cambodian men gives the gifts to their loved ones. Some couples are just to eat something out together and or go back while the others reach to sleep together, lasting the regret for many girls. Most of Cambodian men still prefer the virgin woman because maybe they think that they are the first to have sex with the girl. So, be careful, the Cambodian girls !

How is Japanese Valentine’s Day?

Japanese young people also celebrated the Valentine’s Day but one of the different points to Cambodian is that the girls give the gift or chocolate to men (They are not really the loved partner but can be boss, co workers, relatives, etc). And the men will give back at the same day, next month.

What Google celebrated the Valentine’s Day, 2014?

Google developed an amazing Doodle feature of the couple with the girl making up the second ‘G’ and the guy making up the first ‘O’ of the word (Google) and another ‘O’ was the candy box on which you could click to create your lovely customized candy box and send to your loved one. The scrolling arrows were for allowing you to choose what kind of recipes to mix for creating a lovely piece of candy and when you made up three pieces, the candy heart-shaped box got wrapped. There were sharing buttons to which you could use each of them to send your candies in the heart-shaped box to your lover or people you love.Heat Valentine's DayYour partner received the candy box and would be able to check what kind of recipes you mixed up. It was really amazing animation for the Valentine’s Day.

How did I make my Valentine’s Day Candy?

Did you know about this Google Doodle? Or Did you go somewhere with your lover?

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