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Follow the dream or money, why?


Follow your dream or money?

Follow the dream

I think everyone has an individual dream for future, and so do I. Since the childhood, I was always said that I should become a lawyer, a journalist, or a TV announcer. I actually like to be a speaker or whatever job that I could express my ideas or concepts to help people. I like talking so much. However, when I was about 20 years old, I started to dream about having one own farm, including fish, animal, vegetable, plant, and other crops. I dreamed that if I have a simple life, expressing my knowledge and concepts, my dream would be end. Since then, I have only two dreams. One is speaking my knowledge or even mentorship out in front of the public and the other one is to have my own farm.

However, until now I do still not follow my dream yet. And, I just follow money. I mean that the money makes me go here and there without targeting my dream. When I see that I will receive higher salary, I will go to work for that company although it is not connected to what I am dreaming about. In the business say, “Follow the money or let it follow you” really pinpoints me and reminds me of why I should just follow the money. Money is just the result of creating value and if I could create the value of one thing inside my dream, the money will find me. This sentence makes me bright and I will commit myself to create the value of things I am dreaming.

One of the posts in also mentioned about difficulties to decide whether to follow the dream or the money. DALE and J.T mentioned in the post that it is better to leverage the skills and what someone can do better. This shows that we have to follow the dream first and then the money will come along behind. When we do what we are dreaming about, we are definitely trying to complete it and keeping more efforts to do with it for long. I really thank to this post and also DALE and J.T, who help to reveal the frustration of my decision too.

However, “Follow dream” or “Follow money” is still often misunderstood. Do you still take a career in Takeo province when your elderly parents live in Battambang province and your dream is to live in Phnom Penh? Do you take more money to leave a company that you really love? These questions are so much difficult whether we should still keep following the dream or not. If we decide to live far from our elderly parents, we must be difficult to visit them. We have to imagine when we were young they were so hard to take care of us. Then we must take care of them back when they are getting old. Therefore, sometimes “Follow dream” is not applicable.

There is one more argument about “Follow money” rather than “Follow dream”. The post mentioned about the climate change. The researchers need to do more experiments to get the sponsor money. The post also read more that from year to year, the budgets are given to the researchers so that they could help protect the nature from the climate change. Then the researchers follow the money; they don’t follow the dream.

Moreover, there is one other post mentioning that a lot of adults end up making the decisions to throw away their career passions for more money. It seems like what I am doing right now. I mostly choose the more money career than the passion one. Some people change their skills because of choosing the higher salary. In the post, the author did not mention that choosing “pay” world be more sunshine than “dream or passion” or vice versa. If you have fallen into choosing the passion from the beginning, I think it would be best matched when you excel in it. The money will come behind.

Finally, I would love to say that sometimes it depends on the situation. Some people follow the money first and they will change to follow their dream when they have enough money. Which one do you choose: your dream/passion or pay? Are you lucky to choose the career that matches your skills and your dream?

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