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Brainstorming a Blog Name From Scratch


Brainstorming a Blog Name

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It was an idea if I should blog about “how to make money online” or not because I am from Cambodia and I think that my English is not as good as the English natives.  However, I could be so embarrassed to myself if I have known how to make profit online but I don’t reveal the secret to Cambodian or Khmer people. And when I read some Cambodian blogs, showing how they have been succeeding in making money online, I started to consider that it would be better if I share my experiences to other people, not just Cambodian people, to know how to make money or profit online too.

I could not say that I have been making much money from the internet but I am, like you, practicing what best methods to make high profit from the internet. So, I decided to share my experiences and also my experiment of how to set my profit online here. Let’s start to challenge with other high experience internet marketers!

What blog name should I set up?

Deciding to take a blog name is so important so that it could be good for both engines and people. It’s good for engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search-engine platforms because the blog name is competitive. If you have the less competitive blog name, although there are no many visitors engaged into your blog everyday, your blog is still high to get clicked. So, when they hit your blog, it means that you may have a chance to introduce yourself or what you are blogging. This means that low competition leads to high click from the search-engine platform or high free traffics (Traffic = visitor). The other is good for people because people like short and catchy words to remember easily.

2 or 3 words should be optimum, I think, and although you ask in the Yahoo Answer, everyone mostly gives 2, 3, or 4 words.

Starting to find a hot blog name (a hot niche) is not much difficult as what I have thought. There are many ways that I can make up my mind to structure my niche. In fact, I don’t need to be familiar with what I am going to blog because human can learn, right? I think first what people are asking about on the internet and what I should give them a service or product if I can make it. I checked on Yahoo Answer and searched for various topics but mostly they talked: profit, money online, work from home, stay home earn money, and others. These topics are so competitive that I could not challenge with other internet marketers while they have already set up their blogs and already built their audiences. Then I thought that I should blog about entertainments or entrepreneurship, but my intention is to help Cambodian people, who have not known how to make money online yet. Suddenly, I searched on Google platform whether there is any acceptable term to brainstorm my blog name or not. I thought that KhmerMakeMoneyOnline should be good because people from Cambodia directly can use this word in the search engine and my blog name will appear in the top.

Brainstorming blog name on Google Search engine

But then I thought that if I used this name, it was so long and not so fair to other people from other countries. So, I started another search with the word (Profit) in the Google AdWords to see how much the traffic engagement is and I saw that it was huge with just this short word but if I added (Set Profit), it was not so much. Oh, it would be good, I suddenly surprised. However, I reconsidered what profit (?) or where profit (?) I am going to tell my online audiences. It seems nonsense if just short words, right? Then I checked on to see if there were some hot niches that I could brainstorm my blog name and I could affiliate their products to profit some money online.

Affiliate: You still buy the same price the products you want although you were recommended from someone else because the merchants are also happy to pay for the affiliate the commission. You can consider that if you create your own company, selling one sort of products, you may need people to spread your products but in return you have to pay them some percentages or some amount of money when they can bring buyers to your company.

Set Profit OnlineFinally, I found one interesting name ( and I could use my blog as an affiliate site, also as the tutorial site to help both Cambodian people and other people around the world, who wish to make money online.

But, what’s about you? How did you make up your blog name? I would like to hear your experiences too, comment below 🙂

Don’t let the time pass by, brainstorm your ideas and start blogging! There are so many topics ranging from your life story to the amazing creatures on earth. You can pick whatever thing you like and blog about it.

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  5. Give yourself permission to be dumb

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