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Marketing ideas that make money. I’m applying mostly#3


Marketing ideas that make money! I’m applying mostly#3

Affiliate Marketing Ideas that work

In this blog post, I will be sharing affiliate marketing ideas that make you money. These ideas are simple but great and are not overnight miracles like a quick rich system, but they prove long-term strategies. I named it, long-term affiliate marketing ideas. These ideas focus on building up an online readership that trusts your help or advice. Once your readers trust you, they will trust your recommendation, and you can take advantage of this by recommending quality, useful affiliate products to them. People pay their money to those they trust. I learned this by reading and following the AffiloBlueprint program.

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#1. Find product niches relevant to your skill/knowledge

It’s much easier than you think to find what product niches you should promote. The first thing you must do is to understand what your skill/knowledge is. For example, if you are most familiar with Agriculture, Car repairing, Health or Education, you have to list and narrow down to fit your specific skills of what you are able to provide information or services for other people. Then you start find the product niches with such keywords and check if those product niches are good enough to get profit or not. There are a lot of online market websites for the affiliate like ClickBank, Shareasale, Amazon, and others. By searching with your keywords, you can find the product niches to promote easily.

Now, I pick a ClickBank market as an example.

Online Business with ClickBank
If you don’t have time to write down posts for your blog, we can help you. The more contents your blog have, the more engagements your blog build. Click the image to read the detail.

“Like other online market websites, ClickBank is an online marketplace for digital products/services. You can promote other people’s products on ClickBank easily. If you send someone to a sales page connected to ClickBank, and that person buys an item, you get a commission on that sale. Just go to And you search with your keywords relevant to your skill/knowledge. In the picture below, I searched for Fish Culture. I studied about agriculture, mostly fish production. So, I decided to search for this product niche so that I could provide exact and reliable information for my readers. With such information that you are familiar with, your readers will trust you and they will buy the products you recommend.”

Marketplace to make money

You see, my keyword was Fish culture. I sorted by Gravity. The gravity means that the product is good and satisfied for buyers and most affiliate can make much profit from that niche. I mostly promote the product niches which have high gravity.

Below will explain you how to filter the products in the ClickBank market.

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#2. Set up a blog that makes you money

Having your own blog is a fundamental key to a stable online income. The more useful articles you have in your blog, the more passive income your blog could generate for you. Write regular, weekly articles telling your readers actionable and useful information in your blog. To do so, Google search engine will receive your fresh blog posts and can lead to rank your keywords better. Moreover, by providing the useful information, your readers will trust you and even trust your recommendation about the products or services, which you make money off. And, if you don’t have a blog yet, start to create one now. Don’t waste your time with just playing game, watching movies or even chatting with friends much!

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#3. Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners. Why?

After I followed the Affiloblueprint course, it helped me set up the affiliate marketing blog easily. Also, I found out that Email marketing makes more money than banner advertisements on the blog. Of course, placing ads-networks like Google Adsense or others can give you extra income but sometimes they annoy your readers from reading your contents. And if you place the banners of the affiliate products in your blog, you’re increasing the page-size, slowing your hosting server speed down. Most importantly, people who do click on the banners are cold traffic and don’t convert. So, instead of using the ads banners, you should use opt-in forms to an email subscriber list. Give people an incentive to join (e.g. free ebook…) then send out emails with helpful information and relevant product/service suggestions. Pre-warms traffic, increasing conversions!

#4. Bring in Traffic Organically with Google and Other Social Networks. How?

Organic Google traffic is high quality and converts very well. With this free traffic, you don’t pay even a penny for Google but you have to write a unique, useful content for your blog. By doing so, you are building the soft affiliate strategy for long term benefits. Here are some key tips for ranking better on Search Engine like Google.

  • Post regularly:  Google loves blogs with new, fresh content and ranks their posts/pages better.
  • Optimize your post for a keyword that is shown as having a good number of searches (100+) in Google Keyword Planner.
  • Place keyword once in title tag, once in description tag.
  • Include the primary keyword in the article’s URL.
  • Use the secondary keyword and a variation of the primary keyword in the description tag.
  • Use LSI keywords throughout your article.
  • Include at least two pictures, and for each picture, use one of the keywords as the image alt text.

Google Organic Traffics

Organic traffic from social networks could not convert well but it’s the power of mouth to mouth. When your blog get more readers and they share your articles through the social platforms, your article rating will be much better and better. Most people like buying products or services upon the recommendation from someone else. It’s the same with your articles; if your readers recommend their friends to read, your articles will receive more engagement, resulting to have high conversion. Here are some social network platforms that I mostly join:

  • Facebook
  • Google plus
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • And others more….

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

#5. Sell your affiliate products with paid traffic, Google AdWords

Google is the most popular search engine platform; it will display its favorite results for free (organic listing), but you can bypass this and be displayed at the top of results if you pay for Google (Google AdWords). Use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords relevant to your chosen ClickBank products. Create ads and buy ad space for those keywords in Google AdWords. Then redirect this traffic to your product review on your blog. You cannot directly link users to the sales page with your affiliate link, so directing them to the review page on your website is a good idea for a landing page. To do so, it helps your readers to learn more about the products before they decide to buy it. People don’t want to buy any product without information or recommendation.

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To sum up:

  • #1:Find product niche relevant to your skill/knowledge
  • #2: Build up a blog that make you money
  • #3: Focus on Email marketing
  • #4: Bring organic traffics that convert well, Google
  • #5: Sell your affiliate products with paid traffic, Google AdWords

Take your action now! Cause => Effect.

Who else talks about affiliate marketing ideas?

MLMTOTOP200 wrote a topic about starting an affiliate business, working with Amazon, ClickBank, and Adsense. The post also suggested to produce articles that can get more visitors or can result in higher Google ranking. One of the interesting suggestions from this post is Bring The Fresh, in which it is mentioned a perfect guidance for newbies who want to make online businesses as the affiliate.

Read the detail of Affiliate marketing ideas at

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