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10 Reasons, You Will Not Become A Millionaire


You will not be a millionaire when….

Everyone wishes to be a millionaire, who has everything in their hands. But why not all can be? If you are now not a millionaire, just don’t give up your hope because you will be there one-day. Here are why you are not a millionaire.

1. You Don’t Have Your Clear Vision/Goal

Actually, dreaming is really important or we can call a clear vision for your future. Before you do something, it is best if you have your vision first and then you can set up your plans along with your activities.

2. Don’t Manage Your Time Well

Time is so vital and if you allow something to hinder your activities within your time-frame, your works/actions will fail and it will lead you procrastinate your works. Then you must have less time or even no time to finish your enormous pie of works. Therefore, time management is obligatory and you have to follow with your time-set. Arrange your schedule through your time and work on it.

3. You Don’t Habit Well

Being neglect with your works, you will never see the good result. Good habit to finish something on time, to finish something well is really difficult to do but in order to reach your goal, you’d better commit yourself and do it everyday to be the good habit and then you must like what you are doing.

4. You’re Not Your Own Boss For Doing Something

Working for other people does not mean you cannot be a millionaire but I think there are so few jobs that can give you millionaire salaries. So don’t give up your dream of setting up your own business. You can work for someone while you are preparing your business and when you think it’s your time to run it, you can do it quickly. Be your boss to be a millionaire !

5. You Avoid taking Risks

Taking risks does not mean you will fail in your investment. You have to be smart to invest and dare to do it.

6. You Don’t Manage Your Money Wisely

Managing money to spend or to save is important to be a millionaire. If you don’t manage your money wisely now, it is unlikely that you will be able to have a million dollar in a short-time. Therefore, set up your plans to help you save your money and use it wisely.

7. You Never Act on Your Good Idea

You must take actions with your good idea. Don’t just sit and dream your million dollar by just watching other people. Take Action Now !

8. You Don’t Think Deeply and Schedule Well

Before doing something, thinking and scheduling your plans is so important because it will let you know what you will do step by step, especially you will not procrastinate your job.

9. You Don’t Put in Enough Time, Effort, and Energy

Committing yourself to do one thing successfully is important so you have to put in your time, effort and your energy to do it, check it carefully and track your actions again and again through your schedules.

10. You Don’t Network with the Right People

Making friend is better than enemy. However, it makes you waste your time and effort if you make friend with lazy people who have no vision. Therefore, if you have your plan to be a millionaire, you have to make friends with such vision. Develop relationships with successful people in your community and look for people who can mentor you in your efforts to manage your finances, invest wisely, or build a business. Spending time with others who share your goals can help fuel your passion and efforts to become a successful millionaire.

If you don’t know what to do well and where to go, and if you need good mentor, I would recommend you a Successful Man, Pat Flynn, who can pioneer your way. I read one of his best selling books, Will It Fly. This book shows a lot about his experiment to get success.

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